The MK25 EVO/A700 Regulator – Scubapro’s Flagship Reg System

The MK25 EVO/A700 Regulator – Scubapro’s Flagship Reg System


The MK25 teamed with our exceptional new A700, offers superior ultra-high airflow system for maximum performance in all temperatures and diving conditions.



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For divers who want the best - Mk25 EVO/A700 Regulator
With the Mk25 EVO/A700 Regulator you are guaranteed a reliable, low-effort delivery of air, no matter how hard you're breathing, how deep you're diving, or what your temperature gauge reads.
The MK25 EVO first stage lets you enjoy an ultra-fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, great sensitivity and extra-high airflow -- regardless of how cold the water is. This is made possible with SCUBAPRO's exclusive patented Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS) that fully isolates the mechanical elements of the first stage from the cold, increasing its freezing resistance 30 percent over previous versions of the MK25 without compromising breathing performance. This makes the MK25 EVO the ultimate do-it-all first stage for all water temperatures.
The A700 second stage, with its metal casing, screw-down casing cover, metal valve housing (barrel) and over-molded accents, exhibits a real muscularity in design. Its air-balanced valve technology and oversized exhaust valve work in conjunction with a well designed sectional exhaust tee, a first-rate purge and responsive user controls to create a bullet-proof breather with effortless inhalation and an ease of exhalation that is unmatched.
Put these two stellar stages together and you get unparalleled breathing performance whether you're cruising the balmy waters of Bonaire or venturing beneath a polar ice cap.
Wherever the adventure takes you, when you go with the MK25 EVO/A700, you go with the best.

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